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Unban Application Format

on Sun Jun 03, 2018 4:41 pm

Unban Application MUST contain this format:
Your ingame name:
Banned by:
Ban reason:
When were you banned (date)?:
Why do you want to be unbanned?:
Screenshot of the ban dialogue:


You MUST follow these rules:

1- No player will be unbanned straight up(expections can be made)
2- Lying in your application will extend your ban to 10 days!
3- If you can prove that you didn't hack(while showing a video montage of the moment getting banned) you can get unbanned.
4- When showing a proof of your ban dialogue is highly suggested to remove your IP from there(you can use any program, either Microsoft Paint for that)
5- When Administrators ban for aimbot, they should show proofs of it.
6- If a low leveled player (-100 score) is using hacks, there is no need for proofs to prove he is hacking, Administrators are allowed to straight up ban.
7- To catch a hacker, is suggested to use Fraps as a recorder, to catch better and clear videos.
8- Before applying make sure you use the correct format(shown by oliver)
9- No one is allowed to reply on the unban application(expect administrators).
10- If you see any tag on the ban reason(example @wot) it means that wot has the proofs of the ban and he is the one who should show the proofs in the unban application.
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