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Helper application format

on Sun Jun 03, 2018 4:37 pm
We will most often accept applications of people who we see frequent the server, and show higher levels of maturity in-game in addition to that:

  - The applicant must not have a history of disciplinary problems, bad behavior, rule violations and/or abuse. (If the applicant has shown improvement in his behavior he will be considered.)
  - The applicant must not ask the staff to check his application (It will be considered as soon as possible).
  - Denied applicant(s) must wait for at least 7 days (after being denied) before submitting new staff application.
  - Applications must be submitted using this forum (applications submitted via E-Mail, Skype, Private Messages, ... will not be accepted).
  - Minimum age to make an application is 13.
  - Players who are looking forward to be a part of CZCNR Helpdesk Team, must be active on Discord so we can contact them.
  - In-game score at-least 1000. (For players worthy of this position, this condition will be omitted)
  - At-least 20 forum posts. (For players worthy of this position, this condition will be omitted)

Tips for your application:

  - Do not copy previously accepted applications. Applications that have been copied will be instantly rejected.
  - Use proper grammar and the correct spelling of words. The use of acronyms and shortcuts shows you are not serious about this and will not be taken seriously as a result.
  - Give it a nice look! Making your application look a little better shows you've put some thought into it and you are really trying for it.
  - Give a little additional information about you, don't be afraid to elaborate.
  - You can check here if we are hiring or not.

Here is the application format we'd like you to follow in order for your application to be considered - Please copy and paste the format and answer it accordingly. Inappropriate or incomplete applications will not be accepted.
[b]Title of the application - [Your Name]'s Helpdesk Operator Application[/b]

[center][color=cyan][size=18pt][font=trebuchet ms]Helpdesk Application[/font][/size][/color][/center]

[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]Your in-game name:[/font][/color] PUT YOUR NAME HERE
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]Previous used in-game names:[/font][/color] PUT YOUR PAST IN-GAME NAMES HERE
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]Real name:[/font][/color] PUT YOUR NAME HERE
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]Age:[/font][/color] PUT YOUR AGE HERE
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]Score:[/font][/color] PUT YOUR SCORE AMOUNT HERE
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]What's your gender?:[/font][/color] MALE/FEMALE
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]Where are you from?:[/font][/color] COUNTRY/CITY(OPTIONAL)
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]What's your GMT/Timezone?:[/font][/color] PUT YOUR GMT TIMEZONE HERE
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]Since when have you been playing SA:MP?:[/font][/color] YOUR ANSWER HERE
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]Since when have you been playing this server?:[/font][/color] YOUR ANSWER HERE
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]Do you have knowledge about this gamemode?:[/font][/color] YOUR ANSWER HERE
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]Have you got any past experience?:[/font][/color] YOUR ANSWER HERE
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]How long was your period as a helper/admin?:[/font][/color]
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]Why did you leave your previous post?:[/font][/color] REASON HERE, MIN.50 WORDS
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]Describe yourself:[/font][/color] DESCRIBE YOURSELF, MIN.50 WORDS
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]Why do you want to be a helper?:[/font][/color] EXPLAIN WHY YOU WANT TO BE A HELPER, MIN.50 WORDS
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]How would you describe the responsibilities of the position?[/font][/color]
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]How many hours can you spend a day ingame?:[/font][/color] HOURS/MINUTES
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]Have you ever been included into serious punishments(banned, jailed, muted), if yes explain why?:[/font][/color] HONEST ANSWER HERE/EXPLANATION WHY YOU WERE PUNISHED
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]How can we contact you?:[/font][/color] PUT YOUR ANSWER HERE
[color=cyan][font=Times new roman]Proof of /stats:[/font][/color] IMAGE LINK

Notes(Application making):

- Answer honestly, lying in your application will NOT help you in any way.
i.e: Your gender, age(If over 13) and where you live does NOT matter.
- Use proper grammar in your application. Bad grammar and punctuation will NOT have a good impression on the voters.
Example: i am thirteen years old and i lev in Englind. (Do NOT do this.
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