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Server Helper for Begginers

on Sun Jun 03, 2018 4:33 pm
Help for Newbies

Server Rules
1. Respect players and admins.
2. Do not flood the chat or advertise other servers.
3. Hacking/Cheating is not allowed.
4. LEO Players must not kill innocent civilians.
5. Team killing is not allowed.
6. Do not tie abuse [Leaving the player once tied]
7. Do not taze abuse [Leaving the player once tazed]
8. Do not cuff abuse [Leaving the player once cuffed]
9. LEO players must not assist criminals.
10. Park your own vehicle in a sensible spot, preferably at your home.
11. Do not quit or pause to avoid anything.
12. Farming score/xp/money is unacceptable.
13. Do not question administrative actions.
14. Bugs should be reported on forum, not exploited.
15. Keybinds are not allowed.
16. Roadblock and Spike Strip abuse are not allowed.
17. Heli-Blading / Car Parking is not allowed.
18. Do not EMP vehicles if there are no wanted players inside.
19 Do not drive-by without a driver.
20. Only use English in the main-chat.


General commands

/jaillist - View a list of jailed players
/viplist - View a list of donors.
/pm - Send a private message.
/w[hisper] - Sends a message to players close to you.
/cw - Sends a message to players inside your vehicle.
/kill - Commit suicide
/radio - Choose a radio station
/stopradio - To stop the radio.
/stats - View your stats.
/allstats - View your stats.
/sendmoney - Send money to a player.
/acceptbail - Accept the bail offer.
/ask - Ask a question.
/report - Report a player.
/payticket - Pay a ticket.
/eject - Eject a player from your vehicle.
/animlist - View a list of available animations.
/shop - To shop whilst in Supa Save.
/stopevents - Enable/Disable event teleports.
/pc - View a list of player colours.
/getmytax - View your current tax rate.
/blockpms - When enabled, members cannot pm you.
/cuttie - Attempt to cut the rope you're tied with [Requires scissors]
/[g]ang - View a list of gang related commands.
/bcase - View info about the current briefcase.
/gps - Find locations easy.
/newclass - To change the class.
/defuse - Defuse C4

Trucker Commands

/trucking - Starts the trucking mission.
/canceltrucking - Cancels the trucking mission.
/t [Message] - Trucker chat.

Animation commands

/sit - To sit on the ground.
/lay - To lay on the ground.
/wave - To wave at someone near you.
/dance - To dance around.
/laugh - To laugh with your character.
/wank To wank with your character.
/slapass - To slap someone's ass near you.
/piss - To piss on the ground.
/handsup - To put your hands up.
/hide - To make your character look like it's hiding.
/kiss - To kiss someone near you.
/imdead - To make your character look like it's dead.

Police Commands

/cuff - To cuff a player
/taze - To taze a player
/[ar]rest - Arrest a player.
/emp - To temporarily disable a player's vehicle.
/bail - Offer bail to a player.
/detain - Detain a criminal to your last vehicle
/dropoff - To drop-off the criminal to your last vehicle.
/helidropoff - Drop-off a criminal at a helicopter drop-off point.
/locate - Find criminal's current location.
/p - Chat on the police radio.
/army - Chat on the army radio.
/placerb - Place a roadblock.
/placesp - Place a spike strip.

Mechanic Commands
/mech - Displays a menu with options to choose from.

Kidnapper Commands
/kindap - Places your victim into a free seat of your vehicle [/tie firstly]

Hitman Commands
/track - Tracks a player

Weapon Dealer Commands
/sellgun - Offers to sell weapons to a player

Drug Dealer Commands
/sellweed - Offers to sell weed to a player for $500

Rapist Commands
/rape - Rapes the closet person to you

Medic Commands
/heal - Heals a player for $300
/cure - Cures a player of STDs for $1,000

Terrorist Commands
/plantc4 - Plants C4 on the ground.
/detonate [ID] - Detonates the specified explosive.
"Y" Key - Detonates all explosives.

/myjob - To view your current job.

House Commands
/buyhouse [ID] - Allows you to purchase a house for sale.
/housemenu - Allows you to access the house menu.
/myhouses - View a list of your houses.
/removespawn - Removes your house spawn.
/findhouse - Shows a lise of current houses for sale.
/hsell - To sell your house to other player.

Vehicle Commands
/vsell [ID] [Price] - Sell the vehicle to a player.
/colour1 [ID] - Choose the first colour.
/colour2 [ID] - Choose the second colour.
/lock - Lock/unlock your vehicle.
/park - Park the vehicle [Set the respawn point]
/myveh - View your vehicles.

Gang Commands
/g [Message] - To chat in the gang chat.
/g create - To create a gang.
/g invite - To invite a player to your gang.
/g leader - To make someone leader in your gang.
/g kick - To kick someone from your gang.
/g disband - To disband your gang.
/g leave - To leave your gang.
/g join - To join a gang.
/g list - To view a list of all gangs.
/g stats - To view the stats of a gang.
/g promote - To promote someone at your gang.
/g demote - To demote someone at your gang.

Server Help

Server Admins

What admins do
Our administrators preform a variety of tasks. The main task being cheat prevention and rule enforcement. Our main priority is keeping the game a fair and friendly place.

Admin levels
There are 5 admin levels in total, each level giving the admin more and more responsibility. Level 1 administrators might handle reports for example, level 5 might handle account issues.

Becoming an admin
Admins are hand picked by the server owners. Users who ask for admin are most likely never going to get it. The admin rank is not everything, please don't come into the game expecting it.

Hosted events

Server Events
Server events are created by our higher ranked administrators and often include a prize. Events can be anything from demolition derby, to deathmatch and even more.

Event Frequency
We like to create events when possible, but they aren't our main priority and therefore we are a privilege. However, events are created at the discretion of the online administrator(s).

A prize may be given to the event winner. Unless a server owner is managing the event, the prize will almost always be cash.
This is due to the fact only RCON administrators can set player statistics.

House information

Player Houses
Player houses allow you to have somewhere you can call your own. Houses are excellent places to hide from the police or chat with your friends

At this time, houses will be available for low price due to the server being new. Over time, the prices will increase to prevent them from being obtainable too easily. Donors may receive free vehicle, dpending on the donor package they choose.

House Creation
Houses can only be created by our head administrators and above. Players who donate will be able to request a house wherever they wish, within reason.

Store Robberies

Robbing Stores
To rob a store, enter its marker. There's usually an icon above the store too. Stores may be unavailable to rob for a short time after the previous robbery.

Once in-store, find the robbery marker. This is clearly marked "ROBBERY". These are usually by the store's counter, however they can also be found in back rooms.

To begin robbing the store, press your walk key [ALT] or type /robstore whilst inside the robbery marker.

Stay in the marker until the robbery completes, and you'll get money/xp/score.

Server Tokens

Tokens are given to players by administrators. They can be exchanged for vehicles and houses.

Supa Save Items

Item: x1 Rope [Saves]
Price: $1,000
Usage: /tie [ID]
Effect: Ties someone's hands.

Item: x1 Scissor [Saves]
Price: $2,500
Usage: /cuttie
Effect: Cuts a tie you're tied with.

Item: x1 Bobby Pins [Saves]
Price: $2,000
Usage: /bc
Effect: Breaks the cuffs you're cuffed with.

Item: Backpack [Saves]
Price: $15,000
Usage: Automatic, as it is a parachute.
Effect: Helps you to avoid fell off deaths by opening it.

Item: Bigger Pockets.
Price: $5,000
Usage: Automatic, as you rob.
Effect: Gives you 50% more of the money you earned from the robbery.

Item: Secure Wallet
Price: $5,000
Usage: Automatic.
Effect: Prevents you from getting robbed.

Item: 1x Butt Plug
Price: $5,000
Usage: Automatic.
Effect: Prevents you from getting robbed.

Item: Lucky Charm
Price: $25,000
Usage: Automatic.
Effect: Prevents you from failing into robberies.

Item: Mask [Removed on Death]
Price: $20,000
Usage: Automatic.
Effect: Prevents you from getting stars at robberies.

Item: Bomb Defusal Kit
Price: $10,000
Usage: /defuse
Effect: Lets you to defuse a C4.

Item: 1x Escapists Guide
Price: $5,000
Usage: /escape
Effect: Lets you escape from jail.
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